Dreamer, thinker, doer, believer, observer, teacher, writer, blogger.

Nikkele L. Shelton is an English instructor, editor at Shelton Books LLC, blogger, and novelist. She has obtained a Bachelor and Master of Arts in English Literature from the University of Memphis, and a Master of Arts in Religion in Contemporary Society  from King’s College London in London, UK. While at King’s, she was awarded the Walton Scholarship from the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, and is a recipient of the Shelford MA Prize for best performance in her program. In addition to teaching at the college level for over 10 years, Nikkele has published her first novel, Crimson Sky, and is currently penning the sequel titled The Prophetess Witch.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Nikkele, first of all let me just say that you are the “Coolest, Christian, Educator” that I know World Literature was the bomb like tick tick! The blog OMG! words cannot express just how totally on point this was I enjoyed the material and again I say that it was so vital and relevant to the issues of today. Im excited, this is going to be as interesting as it is intellectually fulfilling. Ps Tell Oprah I said “Hi” wink wink! LOL. Be Blessed, Carla

  2. I’ve been on the search for christian blogs Nikelle. I’m glad you dropped in to my blog. Tracked my way back here 🙂 Will be following you.

  3. As a “Thinker”, I enjoy your thoughts on “The Word”. However, should we engage in honest Thoughts”, please don’t think me an atheist(I am not). I’m just a teeny bit controversial.

  4. Not at all Quasar! I value people who challenge the majority. That’s how we learn, grow, and continue to value the right to choose what we think.

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