Ode to a Real Friend

Two days ago I lost one of my closest friends, Genevieve Moody, who was one of my Jamaicalionbiggest cheerleaders. I remember when we met way back in the early 90s and the first conversation we had was on matters of faith. Always a large presence, you knew when Gen was in the building and who she was coming with. A Jamaican + Jesus=Lioness and an arsenal of faith and power.

I could easily sit home and cry all day, or I can do what Gen would tell me to do; go out and LIVE. Who I am and what I do is owed in part to her pushing me when I didn’t have any push left in me. I remember while in grad school she would remind me what I was doing it for and that my hard work would pay off. When I began writing she sent my blogs to everyone who she thought would read it and stayed on top of me to complete my first novel and work on its sequel. I can go on and on about the things she encouraged me to do, all the while dealing with her own concerns. She had enough faith for herself and everyone else. At no time she did ever charge God foolishly. She would always say, “Nikki, I was called from my mother’s mother’s mother’s womb! This is for my making!”

I remember one of Gen’s favorite lines was, “Nikki, I’m doing ME!” A fashionista, she had an enviable closet, great taste in home decor, and loved to travel. She was nowhere near a snob, bourgie, or a host of other things that would be ascribed to a person who enjoyed having the best. She was a humble spirit who believed a person should enjoy the fruit of their labor. Gen worked hard all of her life and she deserved all that she had and more.

But what made her a real friend was not just the cheerleading, always being there for me Friendshipand ready for a hearty laugh (which she loved to do!). Her friendship meant so much to me because she was REAL. With Genevieve Moody what you saw was what you got. There was never a time I questioned her loyalty or love because she was consistent. In this day and age when people complain good friends are hard to come by, I can honestly say that Gen was the prototype for real friendship, and because of her I have a host of quality friends who mimic her virtues.

I’m not going to proofread, edit, or anything like that. Let the words fall where they may as this post is from the heart. If you take anything from it, take away that it is a supreme pleasure to have a good friend. My memories of her will forever be a source of inspiration. When I am having a bad day, I will ask myself if Gen was here today what would she say? She’d say what she always said, “Nikki, life is too short. DO YOU! You worked too hard. You deserve it!”

I will miss her. Love you, Dear Friend. Always.


10 thoughts on “Ode to a Real Friend

  1. Ode to a real friend for sure. Wise words tells us “two is better than one,” Ecc 4: 9-10, KJV.  We all need someone in our lives to hold us accountable and especially, to help us walk in our divine destiny.I believe the words of King Solomon, “one should enjoy the fruits of their labor.” Ecc 5:18, KJVGood article Nikki!  I am thankful for the ones who God has put into my life, for such as the times they were needed. Donna M

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  2. My heart goes out to you sis. To live in the hearts of the ones you love is to never die. May her light, her warmth, and her wisdom live on through you. God bless you for this Ode.

  3. Nikkle the old proverb says a good friend is better than pocket money and you were lucky enough to have a good friend not everyone has such a friend. That is a blessing and her memory will live on in your heart. I thank God for you as a friend in my life also.

  4. I’m glad she was a friend to you in this capacity. You deserve friends like Gen, because you are a gem. Love you much friend.

  5. Ahhhhhh Nikkele, I feel ya heart felt praise song as you sing your Beloved friend into eternity! I know this path well and will say it now how grateful I am for the serendipity that has forged our own friendship . Your friend has simply stepped off your journey path having reached her eternal destination! You will meet again in one of the Father’s many mansions. We honour her Spirit in fulljoy Thanksgiving for her legacy of upliftment and love which you will carry in your heart forall your days. May she rest gentle… warm love and regards from Barbados.

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