What Do You Want?

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“Whatdya want?” is the reply I always get when I call my youngest sister’s name. She says it so tersely that I make sure I have an answer even if I called out her name in jest. I heard “Whatdya want?” even more loudly–albeit with my spiritual ears–when I watched a great Denzel movie, Roman J. Israel Esq., and its eponymous character passionately expressed that a person’s greatest fear is looking in the mirror and asking themselves what do they really want. I meditated pon dat and challenged myself to answer that question. Then I posed it to a couple of other people who said, “Hmmm” just as long as I did. After a good, long, pregnant pause, I decided that the mirror of true aspiration would become my bedfellow. Although I am one to always go after what I want no matter what, there is always another level of getting that may ask for more than before. And that can be scary.

Why the fear? After all, the concept seems simple enough, right? However, the reality is people are often afraid to go after what they really want because the price is too high. Rejection, disappointment, the passing of time, things being harder than one thought, etc., are the stuff of the troll under the bridge, and sometimes there is not enough gold in the land to pay that giant goober off.  Ignoring the Peanut Gallery is expensive for

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some, being status no instead of status quo is pricey, and maybe disappointing family who expected a person to remain in the six-figure job versus leaving it all behind to backpack through life may surely come with no discount.

Probably the most blinged out item on the list is change. To want what one has never had means to do what one has never done. It means getting on the grind without apology or explanation, and having a laser-like focus that may make life a little stiff, sacrificial, and supremely utilitarian for a season. It means to acknowledge the deep restlessness inside has nothing to do with wanting to impress, over-compensate, or make up for a childhood filled with a whole lot of criticism, but rather to fulfill one’s true calling.

I’m here to share that at the end of all of that is the pay off of fulfillment and fearlessness that is absolutely empowering. In Christ, that is a guarantee. Where God guides He provides, and if He points in a certain direction, He should have the privilege of knowing someone is going to pack and ride. There should be no genuine concern over not being good enough, strong enough, brave enough, or even perfect enough. He knows what He’s getting into every time.

So the next time life asks, “Whatdya want?” don’t let it waste its words. Have a ready answer and prepare, by any means necessary, to march to the beat of your own drummer. And when you do, that’s when you really get to dance.

Count it off…1-2-3-4! *fiyah horn section*

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6 thoughts on “What Do You Want?

  1. I DEFINITELY NEEDED THIS TODAY! Thank you for the confirmation that i am where i am supposed to be and going after everything i have ever wanted and deserved, without reservations!

  2. This is great to know! I hadn’t posted in a long while so I had hoped whatever I posted today would be meaningful. Thank you for reading!

  3. Yes yesssss and yesssss!!!! So Deep, So Simple, yet So Profound!!! Thanks for sounding the alarm. I am listening Lord. Bless you Madame Professor 😉

  4. Yes, let’s get real. Some things require more than just doing it. Sometimes it’s about a change of mindset, lifestyle, and even people. Blessings back!

  5. I can’t seem to ask myself “What do I want?” until I delve into the concept of Who do I need to become?” in order to truly be satisfied with the original question. It’s a process and a joint venture that has little substance as a stand alone.

  6. What do you want is the most likely answer you get when you call certain people because they always think you want something if/when you call. Wanting something is not always the reason you call and sometimes it is never the reason you call.If you on the other hand respond with” what do you want” to someone ,do you really want to know what they want or is it just an automatic response. If I ask myself what do you want , my true answer would be I want what God has for me ,because I know he has plans for my life.Sometimes I seem to be walking in the opposite direction away from what I really want, but then because of the outcome I realize all am doing is walking to the beat of my own drummer. I am seeing that He is making provision for/during the walk therefore I am going in the right direction.

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