Just Do It

American Flag Sunny“I don’t know how you do it!” I hear this all the time. In my attempt to be the consummate maverick, I am constantly finding a way to challenge myself to grow, reach a goal I’ve set, or climb a mountain so that the person behind me can see it can be done. Seven countries and another degree later, the past year has pushed my faith in God to the limit and opened my eyes to the joys of world citizenship. An expat in a country I’ve only visited twice, had no roots, and didn’t know a soul, I stepped out on faith knowing that every place I set foot belonged to God. And if He’s in charge, I’ll be okay.

I do not consider myself to be a person with innate bravery who charges headlong into the UK Flagunknown. I am just a woman with a whole lot of faith. I used to be a scary little thing. Job interviews terrified me, I had a fatalistic world view, and felt guilty for not having conventional desires that equated to the American Dream. Through doing the hard work of self-reflection and challenging myself to debunk the myths I believed about what I should want, do, and be, I decided that if God said I can do it, then it’s getting done. Full stop. It didn’t matter if someone I knew had done it or not. It didn’t matter who agreed or not. I just  knew that if I was certain the Lord revealed it was His will for me, an alternative outcome was non-negotiable. You simply just don’t tell God no.

Spain FlagIf I were to share my two pennies about how to be like Nike and just do it, my first piece of advice would be to know yourself. A lot of us don’t know who we are because we’ve been trained, often at a young age, how to perceive ourselves. We place limits on our talent because at age 10 someone told us how far we should dare to go, and we enter into adulthood with those limitations going unchallenged. Even if our potential is greater than what we’ve been told, that leash remains around our necks telling us to stay with the pack and don’t dare pull ahead. There are many people living UAE Flagbeneath their privilege because of that leash, and without realizing it their perpetual discontent and unrest is due to living under the constraint of a delusion imposed by someone who truly didn’t know enough to speak on anyone’s potential, let alone their own. That was a mouthful! In the words of Iyanla Vanzant, “Breathe! Stay in it!”

I read a quote the other day that reminded me of a question I often ask those in the younger generation so that they can challenge themselves to debunk their personal mythologies, “How can you let someone who doesn’t know who they are tell you who you are?” We sometimes give people too much power and too much credit because we may tend to think they know more than we do, including about ourselves. However, we must Malta Flagentertain that many people engage in what I call “mental sorcery”; they give the appearance of knowing much because we may hold them dear or they have a place of authority in our lives. However, the reality is they may actually be like the Wizard of Oz–a little man behind a velvet curtain pushing buttons, sometimes at random. Let that sink in. The devil will use anyone to speak the leaven of limitation into our spirits, and from my experience it is often due to their own fears , disappointments, and lack of faith.

When we know ourselves, we can also assess what our gifts and talents are and how we French Flagcan best see them applied. Whatever we are called to do, we must know that we know that we know what God is saying to us. I cannot stress this enough; people may look at our lives and see certain things, but they may not really know what they’re looking at and how those gifts should be used. Everyone with a speaking gift is not a preacher. Everyone who loves to travel will not be a missionary. A person who loves to debate may not necessarily be called to the field of law. We must be careful that we don’t put our gifts in a box and think there is only one way to go because we have received counsel from a limited perspective. There are many ways our talents can be used, but ultimately God directs our paths.

Once we know who we are and what we can do, we must chart our course. While faith is the foundation, without works it is dead. It may not sound spiritually glamorous, but the reality is all the faith in the world does not exempt us from the works of preparation, assessment, counting costs, and receiving wise counsel. God would not have us ignorant. Belgium FlagWe may not be of this world but we live in this world, and that means we have to develop a skill set to help us navigate everyday life. If something is revealed as God’s will,  we have to do our part to be in a place to receive else we either delay or abort the mission altogether. That’s why we cannot simply say, “If it’s meant to be, it will happen.” Not necessarily. It can be meant for us to buy a car, but if we don’t go to the dealership, guess what? If we didn’t budget for the car note, factor in insurance, and that in addition to obtaining we must also be able to maintain, well, you know the deal. Our destiny in Christ is not fulfilled on autopilot. We have to cooperate and do our part as expressed in His Word.

Doing all of the above takes hard work and focus. We must understand that things will Barbados Flagnot always be easy, and difficulty is not an indicator that we are going the wrong way. Despite the challenges, when we see growth we know we are on the right track and it will be worth every second. Stay positive, stay grounded, and stay in faith. God will not fail !






9 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. Hi Nikki
    This is a real powerful and timely message. Leave it to you to be all up in my head!! Lol! Lately I have been grappling with these things. My world is expanding greatly and good things are happening for me. In my business I’ve had to open myself to innovation and travel down the techie road to enter into new areas I once thought were unavailable to me because of the box I allowed other people to enclose me in. I agree with you that we allow people to define our limits with these false constructs and as a result severely disable our range of possibilities. How can we allow someone who doesn’t know who they are to tell us who we are??? A very true statement in deed!!! When you walk by faith, like I’m totally finding myself doing being back in New York after a long time and growing a business from scratch, I find that you have to really put yourself out there and do the things that make you feel a little uncomfortable. I came out of the “name it and claim it” movement where you just envision something, sit back and God acting as concierge just brings it to you. With that theory now debunked the spiritual reality is that faith without works is truly dead and you will get nowhere in life or business or whatever you’re trying to accomplish without doing the work. When you develop the good ideas and put in the work to make them happen, God then infuses your work with his power and energy to make your concepts successful. Its a partnership! “Just Do It” is a call to action for me. Time out for talking things to death because you are really afraid to make moves. Just Do It!!! Put yourself out there and get stuff done. Thanks for this very motivating article. It is where a lot of people are right now and the little extra push you provided is appreciated!!

  2. This is great! I love how you expounded on the concept of faith and that stepping out may require us to do what’s uncomfortable. In a faith walk we should expect to be stretched. Kudos to you!! Keep making moves!

  3. Yes! Such a great reminder that the first step to making ANY dream come true is to “just do it.” This reminds me of my favorite saying that the only difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline. Plan your work, and work your plan! Keep movin’ and groovin, Nik!

  4. Nikki, you said it again my friend. These are words of wisdom. Was just praying asking God to take the wheel because I am going through a “place” where the only person who can navigate me safely though is Him. Yesterday in church the song “He’s never failed me yet took on new meaning because I know He has never failed me. I know I am supposed to be doing something more , I have the ideas and all that written down and in my head at all times. However as you said I have put my “gifts in a box” so they are dormant. Because of prior rejection when I tried to bring forth the gift I am afraid of trying again.I do not want to be constantly disappointed, so I retreat.This is a motivator for me just hope I get the courage to Just do it.
    Much Love

  5. I think just being able to acknowledge your fears is the first step in conquering them. Because God’s has not given us the spirit of fear there’s nothing left for us to do in manifesting our dreams than to just do it! 😊

  6. This is where all of your experience with God comes in. You have many testimonies. The same God that did it before can do it again. He never retires.

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